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World Virtual Airline Statistics

Total Pilots: 1
Total Flights: 229
Total Flights Today: 0
Total Flight Hours: 4,089 hrs
Total Flight Miles: 293,245 nm
Total Fuel Burned: 5,858,731 lbs
Total Pax Carried: 22,725
Total Cargo Carried: 5,761 tonnes
Total Unique Aircrafttypes: 74

Schedules African Airways: 1637
Schedules Air Asia: 4112
Schedules European Airways: 3482
Schedules Oceanic Airways: 3366
Schedules North American airlines: 14506
Schedules South American Airways: 2991
Total Schedules: 30302
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Kristof Van den Brande - kristof.vandenbrande@worldva.com 
Chief Executive Officer of the World Virtual Airlines

posted on 15-01-2012