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World Virtual Airline Statistics

Total Pilots: 1
Total Flights: 253
Total Flights Today: 0
Total Flight Hours: 850 hrs
Total Flight Miles: 303,078 nm
Total Fuel Burned: 5,891,671 lbs
Total Pax Carried: 26,517
Total Cargo Carried: 5,761 tonnes
Total Unique Aircrafttypes: 74

Schedules African Airways: 1637
Schedules Air Asia: 4112
Schedules European Airways: 3491
Schedules Oceanic Airways: 3366
Schedules North American airlines: 14506
Schedules South American Airways: 2991
Total Schedules: 30311
VA Central Rank




  - Every pilot of the World Virtual Airline must respect all the rules.


  Pilot Requirements:


   - The pilot must use his/her real identity to join the World Virtual Airline.

  - The pilot must have any Flight Simulator.

  - The pilot must show respect to all our member airlines.

  - The pilot must respect all other members and the staff.


  Transfer of Hours:


  - When a pilot joins, he/she is allowed to take the hours from a previous Virtual Airline with him.

  - This is ONLY valid upon registration.

  - We don't allow transfer of hours from IVAO or VATSIM.




  - For each flight, the pilot is required to send in ONE PIREP

  - not more than one PIREP for each flight is allowed

  - A Pilot is not allowed to send a PIREP for a flight that he/she did not fly.

  - The pilot is not required to fly the flights at the time indicated in our timetable, but is encouraged to
    set his FS Clock to this time.

  - All flights, can be flown online.

  - Events should be flown online, except when specified.

  - The pilot is not required to fly the flight with the indicated Aircraft.

  - If the pilot chooses an aircraft type different from the timetable he/she must adjust speed to be in     range of the indicated flight time in the timetable.

  - The maximum simulation rate is 1x.

  - Flights flown with a simulation rate higher than allowed will be cancelled.



  World Virtual Airlines Logger:



  - Use only our own World Virtual Airlines Logger ( You can download it Here )



  Flight and Hours award:


  - The Flight award can be only received once a year.

  - The Hours award can be only received once a year.